Every child in some ways would benefit from Play Therapy, especially those who find it difficult to communicate and express themselves.  Other issues include:

  • Children in care/adopted/fostered
  • Children who have been through trauma
  • Children in hospital/having an operation or health difficult health issues
  • Children who have Attention Deficit (hyperactivity) Disorder (ADHD/ADD)
  • Children parental conflict/separation or divorce
  • Children who find it difficult in social situations
  • Children who have witnessed domestic violence
  • Children who are dealing with stressful experiences i.e. bereavement/family illness etc.
  • Children who have been bullied/who are bullies
  • Selective mutism

If you are unsure if a child or young person is suitable for Play Therapy, please contact us and we can discuss this in more detail.




Play Therapy Service

Why does Play Therapy help?

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Who would benefit from Play Therapy?

​​This makes learning more concrete and allows children to make mistakes safely and to consider and acknowledge their feelings.  Play Therapy helps children to know that it is OK to ‘feel’ and teaches them how to cope with these feelings in a safe and constructive way.  Creativity and play operate on impulse and therefore outside of our awareness – in the unconscious- which is where healing occurs.

Children and young people do not have the cognitive maturity to explain why they feel the way they do.  Play Therapy gives children the time and space to work through difficult thoughts and feelings that they may have, not otherwise dealt with.  It is a method of helping children with behaviour and emotional problems to help themselves.  Thus enabling them to learn and develop strategies to help them now, and in the future.  The child's feelings are explored, and contained in a healthy way.

For more information call 07717660810, or send an email to time2shineplaytherapy@gmail.com