The sessions are around two hours long and can be completed as part of a team meeting. 

Training focuses on evidence based practice and how this can be implemented into the classroom/school or organisation.  

This currently incudes :

Behaviour Management in the classroom

Attachment and the affect on development and behaviour

Therapeutic classrooms

Trauma, the effects on the brain and the impact on development and learning

The functions of self harm behaviour

Consultation days involve a Play Therapist in your school environment discussing particular children. 

The Play Therapist can:

Meet with teachers on a 1 to 1

Observe children

Make recommendations around strategies that can be implemented in the classroom


Play Therapy Service

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Training for staff members​

​​Parenting Programs

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Bespoke packages are available for schools and other organisations to cater to the needs of your particular service and service users.

Therapeutic parenting offers additional support to help understand your child.  This training is a five-weeks and covers topics including:




Behavior strategies

Self-care for parents 

The therapeutic play program:

This involves the therapist using play therapy techniques in five sessions to help support effective ‘playing together’.  Helping to build attachment and promoting the value and importance of play within this relationship.

NVR (Non Violent Resistance)

This is a type of systemic family therapy that has been developed for violent, aggressive, controlling and self destructive behaviour in children and young people.  This is offered for individual and/or groups of parents/carers.