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Helping children and young people to have good mental health and psychological well being.  

 What is Play Therapy?

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​​What is Theraplay

How will this service work?

The service offers schools, organisations and parent/carers an opportunity to tackle children’s social, emotional and behavioural difficulties, thus making a positive impact on their overall health and well being.

This is a peripatetic service and therefore the only thing that is required is a private room on the same day, at the same time for the duration of the therapy.  This allows for consistency for all involved and will help reinforce safety and security for the client.  Our therapist brings along the therapeutic ‘tool kit' which is used within the sessions.

Time2Shine is delighted to offer a number of alternatives to Play Therapy and have a range of associate therapists who have joined the team.  These include: CBT Therapist, Psychotherapist and Art Therapists.

All therapist undertake a range of work to include 1:1, groups, children and families.

Mental health relates to how a person feels, how they cope with things in their life and how they cope with other people.  1 out of 10 children needs help with their mental health (Department of Health, 2015).

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What is mental health?

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